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Pooch Promo
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BAG-Secur! is a new concept designed to assist in the prevention of smash and grabs. Attach handbag/ laptop strap to carabiner hook and then secure the other end into your seatbelt stalk.
BAG-Secur! can also be used whilst shopping to secure your bag onto the trolley as well as in a restaurant by securing your bag to the chair, safeguarding your bag from being stolen. A woman's handbag has virtually their whole life in it (purse, wallet, ID document, Credit cards etc.) and should that handbag be stolen it is a major inconvenience and time consuming job to try and replace all the items. 
The same with a laptop, should that be stolen it is valuable data that you may have lost and will never be able to retrieve, hence using BAG-Secur! as a preventive measure against this happening. ** 
** Not Compatible With Nissan Tiida And Nissan Livina

PET-Secur! is a new device designed to prevent your dog from roaming inside the vehicle whilst you are busy driving. Safely secured in the rear of the vehicle, your dog can no longer interfere with your driving ability, ensuring your safety and the safety of your pet. PET-Secur! is 50cm long, allowing adequate movement for your pet in the vehicle. It is available in a variety of colours and is suitable for all breeds & size of dogs.

Simply attach the carabiner to your dog's collar/ harness, and insert the PET-Secur! seat belt attachment into the seat belt clip. PET-Secur! also doubles as a leash, simply unclip your dog from the seatbelt, slide the seatbelt attachment down the material, insert your hand in the space and can now be used as a leash to take your dog to the vet or doggy parlour. **


** Not Compatible With Nissan Tiida And Nissan Livina

LTDS c/o PET-Secur! Donates R1,50 to PETS for each and every PET-Secur! sold.

Insert BAG-Secur! into safety belt clip
BAG-Secur! prevents handbag snatching 
PE-Secur! in the car
Attach PET-Secur! to dog harness
PET-Secur! doubles as a leash 
PET-Secur! colours available

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